Total Wash Project at B’ESTFEST 2011

B’ESTFEST is one of Romania’s most important music festivals, presenting over its three editions so far (2007, 2008, 2009) more than 100 outstanding acts from all over the world to an audience of more than 150.000 people!

At the fourth edition, the festival was a  „summer camp”, including a generous camping space, one main stage – Ciuc Premium stage, a secondary stage – Coca-Cola Stage, as well as a Dance Arena and numerous other entertainment areas, that will feature live shows, DJ sets, non conventional art exhibitions, creative workshops, relaxation spaces, sports, games, movie, theater shows, and hand-made or vintage fairs.

Above are the 3d visuals from the brainstorming phase and below you can see the final version of a playful presentation space for a laundry, ironing and ecological cleaning provider, Total Wash.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PHOTOS: Total Wash


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