The Story Of An Elegant Approach

In a world that’s constantly in a hurry, our homes become our sanctuaries. There is a refuge in that space, where we surrunded ourselves with all that helpful and new gadgets. We like to indulge ourselves in quiet nights with our friends, to stay in our comfortable kitchen and cook great meals, watch a new released movie on a LED TV, or get into a cozy armchair and read a book. Modern people need to have that refuge home, where all the batteries can be recharged.

Today’s great design is not about a good looking home, it needs to have all those principles which make the foundation: ergonomics, design, functionality, etc., and above all the client’s desires and needs.

When you have to do all the interior decoration of a home and you only know 3 or 4 things about the client and the time is short, well, it’s going to be a challenging project. The tall table has it’s share of versatility: it can be a buffet support at a party, a mini-desk for some laptop leftover work or just a bar, maybe the best place from where you can watch the tv. Bar chairs were bought at a very good price and re-covered with the same fabric as the stools, also custom-made.

Because every interior should have a color contrast, the custom-made furniture with oak veneer was stained in a dark brown color, in crisp contrast with all that beige shades around the room. The ceiling becomes a stage with a fascinating light play from the crystals in the chandelier and wall light fixtures from Italamp. Following the color idea of this living room, the Eijffinger wallpaper is simple by far, yet bold and elegant, regarding the flourished details and the special finish of the material.

The interesting elements of technology featured in this home are the electric underfloor heating with infrared technology from Caleo, the Eubique system and the sound system from Elac, with speakers and subwoofer, which disperses a surround and clear sound, although they are all staying in one place.

All that bright colors and the impressive details found in Maria Bordeanu’s painting, also a special order made for this project, act as a focal point in this design concept.

Starting from the fact that a home is a mirror for the people living in it, it was desired to mix symmetry and contrast, elegance and minimalism, in one word, it was aimed to be a space where a young person can get inspired and rediscover herself/himself.

In the end it’s all about the client’s reactions and emotions when she/ he walks in for the first time.

Photos: Accesoria Group


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